House Concerts

Since 2015 I've played over 50 house concerts at 32 venues all over Texas, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and North Carolina with artists such as  Michael Fracasso, Jaimee Harris, Anna Tivel, Becky Warren, Emily Scott Robertson, Grace Pettis, Ray Prim, RJ Cowdery, Rebecca Folsom, Tommy Lewis, Lazarus Nichols, Chris Taylor, Amy Kucharik, Wes Collins,  David Berkeley, Roger Blevins Jr., Brian Patterson, Bill Nash, Barbara Nesbitt, Bekah Kelso, Grant Peeples, Natalie Price,  and Jefferson Clay. If you're interested in hosting a house show, at NO COST to you (donation based), please contact me and I'll gladly walk you through it.

Wanna host a house concert?

Alum Creek House Concerts

Amy & Gary's House Concerts

Barker House Concerts

Barkyard at Gruene

Blue Rock Studios

Burlinghall House Concerts

Concerts in the Woods

Corsi Guitars Concerts

Doodad Farm

Farr Guitar Studio

Foundation House Concerts

Front Street

Honey Creek House Concerts

House in the Heights

Johnson Studio House Concerts

Kind of Blue

Kolanowski House Concerts

Milagro Springs House Concerts

Music House Live

New Braunfels House Concerts

No Place Special

Open Ears Concerts

Raccoon Run Productions

Ramirez House Show

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Texas Heritage Music

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The Rooster's Wife

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Wright House Concerts


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